Thanks To Stanford/Eduexplora

Here I am going to write about why I liked this class:

What did I learn in this class?

In this class we learnt many things, like making fun dice games, board games, animations, Arduino, programming, and AI. I really liked all of them and I hope they will help me for the future.

What did I like the most?

The thing I liked the most was Programming in Processing because they where very very fun. The other thing I liked the most was Animating in Processing.

What are my memories?

Having fun with my friends and learning things I really liked. It was a very good experience for me.

Here I would like to thank Eduexplora and Stanford for giving us this great opportunity.

DSC00166.JPGFirst I would like to thank Hernan, he always helped us and was very good with us all the time.

Also I want to thank Manuel for being very kind with us and always helping us in everything.

And for last I would like to give special thanks to  Miss Sherol for being a very motivated and enthusiastic teacher, I had a lot of fun learning with her.

Thanks to all of you for the inspiration.




My Board Game

Drawing.pngPirate treasure is a game I made a board game with Armaan, Sebastián and Arturo.

NARRATIVE: Your are a pirate that wants a treasure!

PAIDA: First throw the big dice the one that has the biggest amount starts. Throw bouth dice and move the designated amount of spaces. If you fall into a ? take a card with the ? symbol and do what it says. If you fall into a ! do rock paper scissor against any player that you choose the winner has to take a ? card. You bounce on WIN. First to WIN wins.

LUDUS: Having the biggest numbers and the best ? cards. Getting first to WIN. GET THE TREASURE.


We worked on Sploder, Sploder is a game where you can create levels for a type of game of your choice but you cant create your game.Captura.PNG

I chose an Arcade game and created 2 very cool levels. I had lot of fun making levels but I don´t think I will use Sploder again because I would like to focus more in creating games.

Here is a Link for my game:


What is Monopoly?

Monopoly is a mult-player board game that consists in getting the total “Monopoly” of the game.

What is the difference between the two games?

We played 2 games of Monopoly: Monopoly Original and Monopoly Empire. The difference is that in the original version you bought places and built houses adn in the Empire Version you have to buy brands to win.

Where did Monopoly come from?

Monopoly came from a woman called Elisabeth that invented the game in 1903 which was called Landlord’s Game made to teach math. Then it had many derivations till now a days.

The Game:

NARRATIVE: You are a buisness man that wants the monopoly.

PAIDA: Buying and selling properties. Basic Rules (Dice.. etc)

LUDUS: Having the total monopoly and leaving all your opponents in Bankrupt.images.jpg

Final Presentation Blog

Here I chose 3 topics I found interesting:

  1. Programming (Processing)

What is it?

Programming in processing is using different codes to make a game or an animation.

Why do I think people may find it interesting?

People may find it interesting beacuse they might want to create their own game or have a lot of fun programming.

Why do I find it interesting?

I find programming interesting beacuse I like to code things, making animations and creating my own games.


2. Binary Numbers and Machine Language

What is it?

Binary Numbers and Machine Language is a code made for machines and robots, it consists in the numbers 1 and 0 because it has a countimg base of 2.

Why do I think people may find it interesting?

People may find this interesting because they may want to make and program their own robots and machines.

Why do I find it interesting?

I find it interesting because I might want to program a machine, maybe in the future.

descarga (2).jpg

3. Graphics (Piskel and Perler)

What is it?

Graphics in Piskel and Perler is making the graphics with pixels for a game.

Why do I think people may find it interesting?

People may find it interesting beacuse making pixel art is a good way to entertain yourself in a free time and because maybe they would like to create different things for their games.

Why do I find it interesting?

I find it interesting beacause I like a lot pixel art and making myself things for a game or just for fun.

descarga (1).jpg